Cost of heating is biggest reason of concerns for the elderly this year

One in five people over 50 will struggle to pay their bills and one in 10 intend going to bed earlier and getting up later in order to avoid putting their heating on, according to a survey carried out for Saga.

When asked what other measures some would have take to keep warm in winter, three in five over 50s said they would have to wear extra clothing or only put the heating on at certain times of the day in order to economise; almost a third said that they would not heat as many rooms; and for a shocking one in eight parts of their homes will become no go areas once the chill sets in.

Lisa Harris, head of communications for Saga, said: “Keeping warm in winter is not a luxury, it’s essential for many to keep fit and well over the winter months.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of putting the heating on, but one in 10 to admit that they would only put their heating on as a last resort.

“However there are often lots of relatively simple measures that people can take to help keep control of their energy bills.”

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