Electronic radiator valves can help drive down CO2 in the building sector

Electronic wireless thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) can help everyone cut bills and reduce energy imports and CO2 emissions, experts believe.

Energy savings can be very low cost and easy. You can cut bills, energy imports and CO2 emissions through individual room temperature control, for example through thermostatic radiator valves.
It is a low-cost, fast-payback, no-regret optimisation measure for heating and cooling systems in buildings. But they are absent in a substantial part of the EU’s building stock due to market failures such as split incentives.

It is a simple truth that you sometimes don’t realise what you have. Being able to set the temperature for the heating system in each individual room is one of these things.

You just set your radiator valve to 2 in the bedrooms, 3 in the living room and 4 in the bathroom. This thermostatic radiator valve – which works without any additional energy – is a device so simple that we easily take it for granted.

However, four out of 10 radiators in Europe are not equipped with such a thermostatic valve, but with a simple valve, not counting those without any valve at all. In that case, your only chance to regulate the room temperature is to be in the room and either open and close a window or the valve until you have the desired temperature.

HeatSave Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valves – Control all of your Radiators, Fast and Easy

Savings of up to 30% on average energy bills can be achieved when using the HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves together with the HeatingSave Building Management Systems (BEMS), thereby optimizing energy consumption across your home.

The HeatSave wireless thermostatic valves represent a very good solution for any household. That’s because the TRVs can help customers slash their energy bills by up to an impressive 30 percent by allowing them to thoroughly control the heating patterns for every single one of their radiators.

If you want to find out more about the HeatSave wireless programmable thermostatic radiator valves, get in touch with our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and queries.