Bedlington and Ashington residents offered opportunity to cut energy bills

Residents of Bedlington and Ashington in Northumberland are being offered the opportunity to reduce their overall energy bills by implementing various efficiency measures, a news report in the local media could reveal.

Local heating company Warm Zones teamed up with construction company Bernicia in order to enable a complete, top-to-bottom refurbishment for higher energy efficiency.

The partnership enabled home insulation work to be done by Warm Zones before Bernicia undertook the exterior refurbishment of 256 homes in Hartlands, St John’s, Bothal Cottages and Burnside in Bedlington and Ashington.

Alan Milburn, of Warm Zones, said: “These homes were not the easiest to insulate due to their original construction.

“Having so many to do and against tight deadlines for Bernicia’s renovation schedules made the task all the harder. However, our relationship with Bernicia meant that careful planning and consultations made the work go smoothly and to plan.”

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