Controlling individual radiators will help you cut energy costs – but automation is needed

As the start of the heating season (that time of the year when boilers throughout the country are switched on and the “fights” over the thermostat settings ensue) draws near, we’re seeing the usual articles and guides providing advice on how to cut your energy bills pop up on various news outlets.

One of the most common suggestions is to turn off radiators in unused rooms and add thermostatic valves to radiators you do use. When the room is warm, home owners should switch off the heating, as the residual warmth will continue as the radiators cool down.

This is a very sound piece of advice, however, the truth of the matter is that most of us simply forget to do so, with the end result being that we heat rooms in our houses that we don’t actually use.

For this reason, more often the not, the best way to actually implement the piece of advice mentioned above is to install a system designed specifically to help you manage your heating and radiators better – such as the HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves.

Savings of up to 30% on average energy bills can be achieved when using the HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves together with the HeatingSave Building Management Systems (BEMS), thereby optimizing energy consumption across your home.

The HeatSave wireless thermostatic valves represent a very good solution for any household. That’s because the TRVs can help customers slash their energy bills by up to an impressive 30 percent by allowing them to thoroughly control the heating patterns for every single one of their radiators.

If you want to find out more about the HeatSave wireless programmable thermostatic radiator valves, get in touch with our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and queries.