Excessive standing charges to make household energy bills even more complex

A recent research study carried out by independent price comparison and switching service uSwitch reveals the fact that Ofgem’s attempts at simplifying the energy market is actually being undermined by energy suppliers, who’re rolling out a large number of standing charges.

Ofgem’s plan is to simplify energy bills in order to allow consumers to compare prices easily across suppliers and to feel confident about shopping around for a better deal.

To achieve this, the regulator is eliminating the two-tier charges that saw consumers paying a higher unit rate for their energy usage up to a set threshold, and a lower rate once they had exceeded it. Instead, suppliers are now required to charge just one rate for all usage, but in return they are allowed to set a standing charge – a base fee – which should recover the basic, fixed costs of supplying a home.

Unfortunately, while some suppliers have kept things simple and have one standing charge applied across all their tariffs – others have set different standing charges for each tariff and even for each payment method leaving consumers facing an equally complex set of charges as before.

Since it’s becoming quite clear that energy suppliers are not exactly helping home owners drive down energy bills, the alternative way of saving money and keeping a tighter level of control on one’s energy expenditure is installing energy-saving measures.

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