Glasgow housing associations to receive energy-saving advice

Glasgow City Council has decided to lend housing associations a helping hand by providing them with advice on cutting energy bills, tackling fuel poverty and reducing the impact on the environment.

A specialist council team has recently presented the associations attending an event hosted by the local authority cutting edge technology and renewables such as district heating, biomass, projects and programmes for insulating city homes, a news report revealed.

The council’s Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme provides interest free loans to help home owners get involved. The scheme is unique in Scotland because it targets all homes in the city, not just public sector stock and because it helps housing associations by pulling together complex funding packages for affordable warmth projects which could not be accessed otherwise.

The aim of the project is to maintain a good supply of quality and sustainable housing, achieved through improving energy efficiency, tackling poverty and deprivation by reducing fuel bills, bringing jobs and investment into the city, reducing Glasgow’s carbon footprint and and tackling fuel poverty.

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