Heating USB controller makes households more energy saving-savvy

UK Green Building Council regulations green policy HeatSave USB Controller household energy-saving savvy slash heating bills Windows™ PC wireless radiator valves no wasted moneyPaul King, chief executive of industry association the UK Green Building Council, is urging the Coalition to provide more clarity on changes to the building regulations. He said of George Osborne: “Unfortunately the Chancellor appears intent on blocking a key green policy with widespread industry support and once again undermining the Coalition’s claim to be the greenest Government ever.” King believes by confirming its support for zero carbon homes, the government could boost confidence in an area with “huge growth potential”.

Buy the HeatSave USB Controller and your household is well on the way to making it more energy saving-savvy and can help to slash heating bills. The HeatSave USB Controller enables any Windows™ PC to communicate with all the wireless radiator valves on your system. Heat-Save software works on Windows versions XP and above. You can use our free software to create and manage heating patterns, plus a heating diary. It means you can control the heating in all radiators – no wasted money!