Hospital in York launches new Energy Centre

A York hospital has recently opened a freshly refurbished Energy Centre that aims to help it reduce its carbon footprint, slash its energy bills and ultimately save money, a news report has been able to find.

Bridlington Hospital is a part of the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the refurbishment of its energy centre will help make a large step towards reducing the Trust’s carbon footprint.

The £1.24M project will achieve guaranteed savings of £104,375 in the first year – a 30 per cent reduction on current energy bills and operating costs.

The upgrade at Bridlington includes improved boiler control and the installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) unit which will make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions as well as significant savings to the hospital’s energy costs.

The Trust’s Finance Director Andrew Bertram, said: “On behalf of the Trust I am delighted to officially open the refurbished energy centre at Bridlington Hospital. By reducing energy costs, we can reinvest savings into front line services and patient care.”

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