Increased vigilance and honesty required in terms of radiator labelling, industry body warns

False claims regarding heating systems’ output inscribed on the labels risk damaging faith in the industry and eroding trust and confidence in manufacturers, members of the Manufacturers’ Association of Radiators and Convectors (MARC) have announced.

According to a news report, from this summer, all towel warmers will have to feature a CE mark, which indicates they have been tested to EN442 by one of only eight authorised notified bodies. However, it is feared that some elements of the supply chain may choose not to conform.

John Colling, Chairman of MARC said: “In the modern climate where efficiency is one of the strongest selling points a manufacturer can have, output is the key driving force in the market. However, without honesty the efforts mean nothing and the consumer is left with a bitter taste, which reflects badly throughout the supply chain, right back to the manufacturer which made the false claim.

“Unfortunately, many consumers fail to differentiate between manufacturers or models of radiators, convectors or towel rails, for example, and so the contamination spreads through product groups and the industry.”

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