Lower temperatures can help you lose weight, research suggests

Temperatures ‘outside the human thermal comfort zone’ increase metabolism, thereby helping people who struggle to lose weight, a research study has found.

In fact, results suggests that being exposed to environments outside a comfortable temperature range could be key to tackling metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes.

Researchers discovered that being exposed to mildly cold or warm environments outside the standard comfort zone inside buildings of 21-22C, “increases metabolism and energy expenditure which may help to tackle obesity”.

The researchers say that widespread changes now need to be made to modern building practices. They recommend that homes and offices should incorporate “drifting temperatures” in order to support “healthy human environments”.

The lead author of the study and Professor of Ecological Energetics and Health at Maastricht University Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt said: “It has previously been assumed that stable fixed indoor temperatures would satisfy comfort and health in most people.

“However, this research indicates that mild cold and variable temperatures may have a positive effect on our health and at the same time are acceptable or even may create pleasure.”

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