Real HeatSave value comes in numbers

Although spring is already here and most people are starting to worry less about their heating bills, the truth of the matter is that, by autumn, gas prices might seriously go up. That’s why it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and implement a system that will allow you to save on your future energy bills and in the same time still enjoy a very good level of comfort.

Naturally, when deciding just how many HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves to get, the number of radiators installed across the home is probably the most important factor. Some people might decide to only install the TRVs on radiators in the rooms that they’re more interested in controlling, others will decided to only try a single radiator, and see how things go.

Nevertheless, fitting the TRVs on all the available radiators is perhaps a better idea, for two different reasons.

The first reason is that, by fitting the HeatSave TRVs on all the radiators in the house, one will be able to create specific heating zones for each part of the house, set specific usage parameters in a comprehensive manner, etc.

The second reason is that getting a larger HeatSave package (featuring a larger number of valves) is actually a significantly more affordable option. For example, a 1-radiator package will set you back around 100 pounds (ex. VAT), while the 6-radiator kit is just 350 pounds and the 8-radiator kit 450 pounds. That’s a 15-pound saving per each valve, which is quite a good value, especially considering the fact that you’ll also be saving around 30% on your heating bills.

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