Salford social homes to receive £75m investment

Salford City Council will invest £75m in upgrading council homes across the city under a new deal announced by the government, a news report in the local business media has recently revealed.

As part of the plan approved by Housing Minister Kris Hopkins, the council has transferred ownership of its social homes to Salix Homes, by writing off the council’s £65.1 million historic housing debt.

Salix Homes already manages all of the Salford’s 8,500 social homes and has made a commitment to invest £75 million to ensure all 8,500 properties will reach the government’s Decent Homes standard by 2020. This will include 4,000 homes getting new kitchens or bathrooms, 2,000 homes getting new windows and 3,000 homes getting upgraded heating.

Councillor Gena Merrett, Assistant Mayor for Housing and Environment at Salford City Council said: “This announcement is fantastic news for tenants and for Salford as a whole and shows that the government is confident in the council’s proposals to transfer its housing stock to Salix Homes and the extra investment that will bring.

“Salix Homes has an excellent track record in delivering a first-class housing service in Salford. They are in a strong position to make the necessary investment to the homes and provide the kind of housing service that the people of Salford deserve.”

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