Save energy and enjoy luxury heating with HeatSave and the new tower rails from MHS Radiators

Well-known radiator manufacturer MHS Radiators has recently introduced the Sofia range of towel rails, available in both central heating and electric options.

Boasting a bold cylindrical frame, adorned with flat rectangular tubes, this stylish heat emitter is complemented by a combination of high heat outputs and a plethora of finishes – allowing it to effortlessly dry and warm numerous towels, while creating a visual impact in any space.

The Sofia is also reversible, so the vertical tubes can either be on the left or right hand side.

The new rail can be selected in three heights, 1312, 1536 and 1760mm, with widths spanning from 500 to 600mm. Central heating versions yield impressive outputs, varying from 563 to 875 watts, while electric counterparts range from 600 to 900 watts – offering scope to easily heat up larger bathrooms.

MHS Radiators has carefully selected a stunning collection of finishes for the Sofia range. ‘Quartz Dust’ is a standout example, with its fine textured coating harmonising well with all bathroom styles. Other stocked finishes, such as a matt white ‘Milky’, ‘Sparkling Grey’ and ‘Sparkling Black’, can also seamlessly blend in, or add character to an interior.

The HeatSave wireless programmable thermostatic radiator valves work with the majority of radiators available on the market (either directly or via a dedicated adapter) and allow users to attain even higher savings in terms of energy and bills, of up to an impressive 30 percent. They are extremely easy to set-up and install, since one will only have to unscrew the existing TRV by hand and replace with the HeatSave wireless radiator valve.

Furthermore, the user friendly, web-based HeatingSave software lets you wirelessly check and control individual radiators from any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

This feature will allow you to turn down the heating in rooms that you’re not using and one can also easily plan up to four years in advance for times when the heating will not be in use with the heating holiday diary, while the ‘hands on’ override button on the valve means quick changes are easy from within the room.

If you want to find out more about the HeatSave wireless thermostatic valves, just contact our dedicated product team, or if you’re ready to get one for yourself, you can visit our retail partners and get one for yourselves.