Sheltered accommodation residents protest against heating system modifications

A sheltered housing provider has come under fire after residents complained about not being able to alter the heating in their own homes.

Concerned residents argued that Anchor, which manages High Lee House, on Broad Road, in Sale, Cheshire, installed a new boiler in the building in March. Since the boiler is controlled externally, residents are not able to alter heating within their flats.

People living in the building have organised a petition against the heating changes which 23 of the 25 flats have signed up to and have had several meetings with their ward councillor on this topic.

On the other hand, Anchor has claimed that the heating in High Lee is never turned off, but rather, is always maintained between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius. Andrew Appleton, district manager for High Lee House, said Anchor’s heating policy is based on Age UK advice and the company has “a duty of care to provide a safe, comfortable environment at all of our locations”.

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