Two London hospitals hope to save £1 million on their energy bills

Two hospitals in London are hoping to cut energy usage and also reduce their energy bills by an impressive 1 million pounds following thorough audits of their respective sites, a news report in the business media has recently revealed.

The two hospitals mentioned above are a part of the Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Trust, one of the biggest trusts in the UK with an yearly turnover of £1.2 billion and 13,200 staff. The trust provides more than 2 million patient contacts in acute and specialist hospital services and community services every year.

Alexandra Hammond, Sustainability Manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ said: “The 10% energy saving is a minimum target and I hope we will see even better results. In 2009 we installed our combined heat and power engines that save more than £2 million a year. But there is still more we can do to improve sustainability and save money.”

The works could include renewable energy, efficient heating, air con and ventilation (HVAC), new lighting, automated controls and upgrades to their building management system (BMS).

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