University set to implement extensive energy-saving measures

A US-based university has revealed plans to deploy an extensive range of energy saving measures, which could potentially slash its annual energy costs by an estimate $2.6 million, a recent news report has revealed.

Eastern Michigan University will spend $30.5 million on the projects, expected upgrade energy efficiency and supply the vast majority of EMU’s heat and electricity on campus.

Phase 2 – the latest project to receive approval – of Eastern Michigan’s energy conservation project will replace outdated energy-related technologies with more energy-efficient systems at a cost of $3.4 million. The project includes upgraded plumbing, building controls, select lighting and other systems for 33 campus buildings.

Upgrades are expected to be completed by the end of the fiscal year, with a projected annual energy savings of more than $195,000. The measures also will reduce greenhouse gas emissions at an annual savings equivalent to removing more than 900 cars from roadways. Funding will be provided, all or in part, by bond proceeds or other short-term financing sources.

The upgrades are in addition to Phase 1 of the energy conservation project, which included steam traps, lighting and insulation measures, which were approved at the Feb. 5 regents meeting.

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