Wireless thermostatic radiator valves are the ideal energy saving controls for refurbishments

Wireless thermostatic radiator valves are perfect for those who decided to completely refurbish their homes in order to improve the overall interior design and available space, but also to make them more energy efficient.

Most new or refurbished homes aimed at the modern day family and individual have the goal of giving their customers the lifestyle they deserve with lots of added extras from app controlled underfloor heating and alarm systems to luxury kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures and fittings and lighting.

Wireless TRVs capable of creating heating zones in a very fast and easy manner will put smart home management literally at your fingertips, especially when coupled with an advanced building management system (BMS).

Savings of up to 30% on average energy bills can be achieved when using the HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves together with the HeatingSave Building Management Systems (BEMS), thereby optimizing energy consumption across your home.

The HeatSave wireless thermostatic valves represent a very good solution for any household. That’s because the TRVs can help customers slash their energy bills by up to an impressive 30 percent by allowing them to thoroughly control the heating patterns for every single one of their radiators.

If you want to find out more about the HeatSave wireless programmable thermostatic radiator valves, get in touch with our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and queries.