Wirelessly control heating to economise on bills in every room

Energy Bill emissions cleaner electricity generation Household HeatSave wirelessly control heating economise on bills room radiator valves long battery life quiet motorThe government’s new Energy Bill aims to revolutionise the UK’s energy future; keeping the lights on while keeping emissions down. It will enable energy companies to charge households an extra £7.6 billion until 2020 to go towards cleaner electricity generation. This will add £110 to the average household energy bill in 2020. The government announced: “With a fifth of the UK’s electricity generating capacity due to close this decade, reforms are needed.” The statement talked of continuing “the shift to a diverse, low carbon economy as cheaply as possible”.

Household energy bills seem to be going only one way. However HeatSave allows you to wirelessly control heating to economise on bills in every room. It is possible to add one or more extra HeatSave radiator valves to a new order or to expand an existing system. The easy to use software makes ‘joining’ an extra valve straightforward. Low power circuitry means long battery life and a quiet motor for discreet operation.