Zoning and enhanced automation – some of the top measures to make a building more energy efficient

Zoning and improved automation are among the top measures that could help buildings become more energy efficient, experts believe.

In many cases, building and home solutions are becoming increasingly smart. Thermostats, for instance, possess the ability to learn over time occupants’ desired temperature settings throughout the day and automatically increase or decrease levels based on those historical preferences.

It’s not just individual devices that seen as difference-makers, though. Those units work in tandem as part of building automation systems that provide building owners and managers widespread perspective on structural performance.

Research shows that the global building automation market is poised for continued growth over the next five years, driven by increased use of the Internet of Things (IoT), implementation of LED lights, increased reliance on wireless technology and concern for overall energy consumption in buildings.

Zoning is another area where significant savings can be achieved.

HeatSave Wireless TRVs – making your home more energy efficient has never been easier

The HeatSave thermostatic radiator valves are the easiest to install and most cost-effective energy-saving measures on the market, taking the concept of retro-fitting to the next level. They are particularly suitable for retrofitting, since one simply has to remove the existing TRV and replace it with the HeatSave unit.

The wireless thermostatic radiator valves enable users to set specific functioning times for each valve, and, since radiators are individually controlled, home owners are fully capable to maximise the zoning potential and reduce energy consumption in those areas that are not used for longer periods of time (as for example, dining or sitting rooms and kitchens during the night, etc.).

Additionally, the HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves also provide an automatic exercising feature when unused for 7 days, whose purpose is to minimise seizing of radiator valves in warmer months.

All in all, the HeatSave TRVs enable users to achieve some pretty impressive savings, as they will help reduce your heating bills by up to 30%, especially when coupled with the HeatingSave Building Energy Management System.

If you want to find out more about the HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves, our dedicated team is eagerly waiting to answer all of your questions.