Age UK to help Milton Keynes residents avoid fuel poverty

The Age UK branch in Milton Keynes has received a grant to carry out free home energy checks for residents in most danger to slip into fuel poverty after securing a grant from their London office, a news report in the local media has revealed.

The checks will look at the efficiency of heating systems in houses and look at insulation and draft proofing, while a couple of minor improvements will also be carried out, need be, on the spot.

Some of the measures set to be taken as part of this initative include draft strips in doors and windows, radiator foils to reflect heat back into rooms and installing secondary heating where required.

“With people in fuel poverty, we will help make sure people are getting the best possible deal they can,” said Paul Griffiths, marketing and fundraising manager at Age UK Milton Keynes. “It’s always disappointing if any energy provider has to increase their tarriffs but on a more positive note we are here to help older people.”

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