Boost your home’s overall market value with HeatSave

Improving any house’s EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) could mean adding more than £16,000 to the sale price of the property, a new report by the DECC reveals.

In a bid to promote the government’s Green Deal program, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) compiled a report that takes into account more than 300,000 property sales in England between 1995 and 2011.

According to this report, applying specific measures that will lead to EPC improvements will certainly have a positive effect on the pricing of any property in the UK. Plus, Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said that the Green Deal would help people reduce upfront costs and allow them to pay for a proportion of their costs through savings on bills.

The HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves represent an approved measure to control radiators under Green Deal, enabling users to easily create distinct heating zones for their homes and set specific heating patterns for each zone, for up to 4 years in advance, thus minimizing energy consumption.

They are a low-cost, very efficient solution for controlling the heating within a house room-by-room.

They’re also just the thing for the healthcare industry, where energy costs are 2nd only to labour costs, as they can reduce bills by up to an impressive 30 percent.

The low-cost HeatSave wireless valves are simple to install by the home owner and are fully compatible with a very large number of radiator valve bodies. Moreover, they’re extremely easy to control from any Windows™ laptop or PC, via our user-friendly software and wireless USB stick.