World’s first inflated metal radiator to be launched in the UK

‘Squeeze’ is considered to be the world’s first inflated metal radiator and is about to go on sale shortly in the UK.

Developed by former coppersmith Stephen Newby, the radiator is built using a revolutionary process for metal forming that involves inflating sheets of steel. And according to a news report on the matter, this solution manages to optimize water flow, as well as energy and money expenditure.

‘We are really excited about the commercial launch of ‘Squeeze’, which uses high-pressure water forced between two sheets of polished stainless steel to create the water channels for the radiator,’ said Mr. Newby.

Even if we’re talking about a latest-generation innovation, it’s likely that the “Squeeze” radiators will likely support any type of modern TRV, including here the HeatSave wireless thermostatic radiator valves, that will enable users to slash up to 30 percent off their heating bills.

The HeatSave wireless TRVs are extremely easy to set-up and install, since users will only have to unscrew the existing TRV by hand and replace with the HeatSave wireless radiator valve. Furthermore, the user friendly software and USB stick lets anyone wirelessly check and control individual radiators from any Windows™ laptop or PC.

So, one can turn down the heating in rooms that they’re not using and one can also easily plan up to four years in advance for times when the heating will not be in use with the heating holiday diary, while the ‘hands on’ override button on the valve means quick changes are easy from within the room.

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