British Gas announces £1m initiative to fight back fuel poverty

The UK’s biggest energy supplier has decided to join National Energy Action (NEA), a charity dedicated to the eradication of fuel poverty, in order to set up a two-year community investment programme worth more than £1m, a news report in the local media can reveal.

British Gas has just announced the Community Action Partnership, which will involve the development of close working relationships with local authorities and their partners aimed a bringing affordable energy to vulnerable households in a number of areas of England and Wales.

The partnership was launched at the NEA Community Action Awards, which is sponsored by British Gas and the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

The awards rewarded nine community projects, which tackle fuel poverty and carbon emissions, with a £1,500 grant, while three overall winners received a further £2,000 award.

Christine Tate, head of corporate responsibility, said: “We’re pleased to support NEA’s Community Action Awards, especially as energy efficiency is the best way customers can keep their homes warmer and cut costs.”

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