‘Control Your Home’ campaign to help householders cut heating bills through better control of their heating system

BEAMA, the electrotechnical supply chain trade association, has recently launched a campaign to push for the implementation of heating controls in every home, with the aim of helping home owners cut their energy bills and reduce fuel poverty across the UK.

Government figures released this year show that nearly half of centrally heated homes in the UK don’t have both a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves, the minimum requirements for new systems under the building regulations.

At the same time, recent research at Salford University shows that adding these controls to a conventional central heating system reduces the running costs of that system by 40%.

The ‘Control Your Home’ campaign is a way for the heating industry to work together to help householders reduce their heating bills through better control of their heating system. This will provide real benefits to householders as well as extra business for the supply chain. A win win story!

“Fitting heating controls is a cost-effective energy saving measure that millions of households can do straightaway,” said Colin Timmins from BEAMA Heating Controls. “We need to show householders how a few simple controls can both reduce their bills and improve their comfort.”

“Heating controls can be fitted at anytime, not just when replacing a boiler. The campaign information will support installers advising their customers to fit controls, maybe when doing a boiler service or other visit.”

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