Energy efficiency set to drive future growth in the central heating sector

The UK domestic central heating market is set to grow with an estimated total value of around £1.1bn in 2014, the rise being largely driven by the ideas of energy efficiency and cost reduction, a recent market research report found.

The Domestic Central Heating Market Report: 2014-2018 Analysis published by AMA Research found that this market has benefited from more stringent energy-efficiency legislation and a drive toward sustainability.

The introduction of government initiatives such as the ECO scheme and the Green Deal in 2013, as well as the further tightening of energy-efficiency legislation in all sectors of this market has led to strong and continued growth in this sector.

The boiler sub-sector appears to dominate sales, followed by radiators, heating controls and circulator pumps. A major area of future support is expected to come from the domestic refurbishment sector, research also found.

The future performance of the domestic heating market is likely to be influenced by overall trends in house building, home improvement, fuel prices, legislation, renewable technologies and technological developments, as well as niche market drivers such as the self-build and conservatory markets.

AMA research director Keith Taylor said: “By 2018 it is estimated that the UK domestic central heating market will be worth some £1.3bn, representing an increase of around 18% when compared with the estimated market size in 2014.“

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