E.ON scraps 25% discount for pensioners in distress

One of the UK’s largest and best-known energy suppliers has decided to scrap a discount scheme for pensioners despite recording huge profits in the residential supply segment, a news report on the matter could reveal.

Tens of thousands of pensioners on low incomes will see their energy bills go up after E.ON decided to scrap an existing 25% discount scheme. The Warm Assist deal – known as a social tariff – was aimed at customers aged over 60 receiving pension credit.

However, E.ON has recently contacted its customers – including those with prepayment meters and on the deal – telling them they will be switched on to the firm’s standard price at the end of June.

The company argued that its decision followed the introduction of the Warm Home Discount – worth £140 this winter – to replaced suppliers’ social tariffs in 2011.

E.ON representatives commented said: “We’ve continued to supply existing Warm Assist customers through this tariff until this time. We encourage all customers to get in touch so we can help ensure they’re on the best tariff for their individual needs.”

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