Free software creates and manages heating patterns and diary

Ofgem Energy Climate Change tariffs gas electricity control radiator wireless valves USB Controller Windows PC create manage heating patterns diary holidays no wasted money laptopsMPs have called on energy regulator Ofgem to be less timid in dealing with suppliers. An Energy and Climate Change Committee report said: “We find it unsatisfactory that Ofgem should be so hesitant about launching preliminary investigations into potentially anti-competitive behaviour.” Ofgem is already drawing up plans to simplify tariffs and reduce barriers to competition. These include each supplier being limited to four tariffs for gas and four for electricity; plus personalised information sent to customers about their supplier’s best tariff.

Using a complete 1 Radiator HeatSave Kit there all you need to get going to control one radiator with wireless radiator valves. The HeatSave USB Controller enables any Windows™ PC to communicate with all the wireless radiator valves on your system. Utilise the free software to create and manage heating patterns and a heating diary. It means you can book holidays in advance then send them to the valves – no wasted money while you’re away! The system works on PCs and laptops.