Heat-saving radiator kit features automatic warning such as ‘battery low’

energy heat fuel electricity saving 30 per cent off heating bills HeatSave Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valves TRV USB Dongle DIY built-in memory automatic warning battery lowNearly four out of five people are in favour of the UK using renewable energy to generate heat, fuel and electricity. Various methods had high ratings by the public, as revealed in a big survey published by the government this week. These include solar energy technology, offshore wind, and wave / tidal power, which have all been backed by a big majority of those asked. Just 37 per cent of people support nuclear energy, while 25 per cent oppose it.

Start saving now – by up to 30 per cent – off your heating bills through buying one of HeatSave’s Wireless Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV) and USB Dongle kits. Via DIY installation, you simply unscrew the existing TRV by hand and replace with the HeatSave wireless radiator valve. The clever HeatSave built-in memory will match your lifestyle, for example each valve remembers patterns and future holidays. Another key feature is an automatic warning such as ‘battery low’, meaning there are no surprises.