HeatSave, the energy saving solution for price sensitive consumers

Ever since the start of the current economic slowdown, domestic consumers have become extremely sensitive as far energy-related solutions are concerned, despite of the fact that such devices can actually save them a lot of money, at least on the long term.

A recent report by ParksAssociates has revealed that consumers will consider getting a home energy management and saving solution only if the actual return of the investment is sizeable enough.

Moreover, the same report states that most home users are notoriously adverse to the prospect of having a very complex and complicated home energy management system installed, preferring a much simpler, no fuss solution.

And simplicity, as well as ease of use, are just what HeatSave is all about. Installing our wireless TRVs is an extremely fast and easy process, since all you’ll basically have to do is remove your old, manual thermostatic valves, and fit in the HeatSave.

Additionally, you’ll be able to control each and every valve and set the right temperatures for each of your radiators via our user-friendly, free Windows™ software  and the associated USB dongle.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll have to point out that all this effort will be well worth it, since you’ll soon get to enjoy up to 30% lower energy bills.