Hook up wireless radiator valves to building energy manager and control solar panels

Energy Climate Change Secretary feed-in tariff homeowners HeatSave wireless radiator valves Building Energy Management System solar panels fuel bill saving products PCCaroline Flint blames government “incompetence” for causing a situation where solar panel firms are taking it to court. The Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary says the government may have to pay out up to £140 million in compensation as a result. She said: “For months Labour warned that the government’s cuts to the feed-in tariff for solar power went too far and too fast.” As a result, she claims thousands lost their jobs, while many solar businesses saw their order books dry up.

If homeowners hook up the HeatSave wireless radiator valves to a Building Energy Management System then you can control solar energy panels and many other fuel bill saving products. Our associates specialise in installing and looking after glass evacuated tube solar heating, solar photovoltaic and energy controllers. HeatSave is low cost, plus it is simple to install and use. You can setup all valves wirelessly from one Windows laptop or PC via easy to use software.