Stay safe and pay less with HeatSave

The steep increase in utility bills over the autumn and winter months prompts many home owners to turn to potentially dangerous electric-based space heaters, a recent study by US-based Nationwide Insurance revealed.Stay safe and pay less with HeatSave

In a bid to spend less, families actually set themselves up for a potential disaster, since an unsupervised electrical heater can easily become the source of a deadly, destructive fire. In fact, the insurance company behind the study revealed that, over the past five years (2008 – 2012), they’ve paid more than $48 million (£31.5m) in claims related to space heaters, with the average claim topping more than $40,000 (£26,365).

However, such tragedies can be easily avoided (while in the same time still cutting down energy bills) by using our HeatSave wireless TRV control solution. 

Since it allows users to thoroughly control every single radiator in their home, setting specific on/off times depending on occupancy, as well as the desired temperatures, HeatSave enables a reduction in energy bills of up to an impressive 30 percent.

Plus, this solution is also extremely easy to install, since one has to simply unscrew the radiator’s existing TRV, replace it with the HeatSave and then run the configuration utility on their Windows™ laptop or PC.