Ofgem forcing energy suppliers to make bills easier to read

Energy bills in their current form are often too complex and potentially misleading, energy market regulator Ofgem has recently argued, as new rules forcing suppliers to show the pence per kilowatt of a tariff on the energy bills came into force.

This important piece of information, known as the tariff comparison rate (TCR), will enable customers to compare rates in a much faster and easier way, a media news report on the matter can reveal.

The price must include the basic cost of the tariff plus the standing charge and VAT, while bills will also have to display a “personal projection” or estimate of how much customers will have to pay on any tariff, based on actual usage, as well as an information label with key facts about one’s chosen energy tariff.

A spokesperson for Ofgem said: “The tariff comparison rate is part of our reforms for a simpler clearer, fairer market.”

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