Oxford couple spends £60,000 to make their home more eco-friendly

Oxford couple Tim Nicholson and Joanne Bowlt have spent in excess of £60,000 in order to make their home in North Oxford more environmentally friendly, a news report in the local media has revealed.

The parents of two have gone to great lengths in order to ensure that energy consumption is kept at a minimum. In order to achieve that, they’ve created new walls filled with extra insulation, putting solar panels on the roof and on underfloor heating made of polystyrene.

The solar photovoltaic panels on the roof will generate electricity and three large solar thermal panels will heat water. In the summer the family expect to have so much hot water they will use the excess heat to dry out logs in their log store.

The house will also sport a heat-recovery ventilation system that will take damp air out of the bathroom and fresh air into the bedroom, using the warm air to heat the fresh.

The family has documented every stage of this process and created a website that could act as a source of inspiration and ideas for other people wishing to implement a variety of energy saving measures. They hope the house will be so energy efficient that the solar panels on the roof will make excess electricity that they can sell back to the national grid, and they will have enough hot water to share with their neighbours.

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