Treasury should use carbon tax revenues for making UK’s housing stock more energy efficient

The UK Treasury should employ the proceeds obtained from various carbon taxes in order to implement a series of energy measures across the UK’s housing stock, campaign group Energy Bill Revolution has argued within a recent report.

The group comprises close to 200 UK charities, businesses, unions, consumer, and health groups, and has been quite vocal on the various shortcomings of existing energy bills. Its research clearly pointed out that revenues could provide an extra £60bn over the next 15 years to help reduce fuel poverty, a news report on the matter suggests.

Up until now, the UK government has declined using the funds obtained from carbon-related taxation for implementing various environmental-related initiatives, fearing that this could actually reduce spending in other areas.

“The real reason the Treasury has opposed carbon tax recycling into energy efficiency is because they don’t want to reduce their control over public spending and other departments,” said Ed Matthew, director of the Energy Bill Revolution in a statement.

“When will they understand that this is not their tax revenue? It belongs to the people and we want it back to warm up our homes. Using carbon tax to make households more energy efficient is by far the best long term solution to both bring down energy bills and end fuel poverty.”

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