Retrofit measures cut energy consumption by 80% in Birmingham pilot project

Retrofit energy efficiency measures implemented as part of a pilot project have managed to help slash energy bills by up to 80% for two homes in the Shard End area of Birmingham, a recent news report in the local media has been able to suggest.

The process saw a range of energy efficient measures introduced, including new insulation, triple-glazing windows, a new heating system and heating controls.

Since work began in September 2016 the results have shown an 80% reduction in the use of energy. Birmingham City University provided simulation design analysis of the houses and tracked the effects of deploying energy efficiency measures. Thermal imaging and 3D laser scanning formed a part of the pre-retrofit survey that enabled the creation of design simulation models to help plan the best way to achieve a zero-carbon rating and monitor the changes in energy consumption.

Professor Lubo Jankovic, head of the Birmingham City University’s Zero Carbon Lab, said: “Retrofit plus has been shown to reduce heating energy consumption and carbon emissions by 80 per cent, saving money for residents and providing a process suitable for a UK-wide scaling-up.”

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