Sandwell Council to spend £57m on home energy efficiency improvements

A local council has set aside around £57 million for implementing various energy efficiency improvements across local homes, as part of an initiative to support ‘affordable warmth’ for all families.

Sandwell Council could use the funds in order to roll out a variety of energy-efficiency measures, including the replacement of electric storage heaters with gas central heating, installing double glazing in council homes, one-off boiler replacements and external wall insulation, a news report in the local media could reveal.

Phil Deery, the asset manager of the council’s homes and communities department, stated in a report to be considered by a tenant review panel tonight (TUES): “The cost of energy is the subject of debate across the country and there are regular reports of families having to make the choice between heating and eating.”

It comes after latest figures, which emerged in December, revealed one in three households in the borough was living in fuel poverty, significantly worse than in other parts of the country, where the ratio is 1 in 5.

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