Seven million people are living in fuel poverty in England, study reveals

Seven million people, including here 2.2 million children, are currently living in fuel poverty in England, figures published in a new report by the Energy Bill Revolution suggest.

In fact, the number of children who’re growing up with very little heat in their homes has risen by 26% over the past year alone, reaching 460,000. That’s largely because their parents switch off their heating in order to be able to afford paying the increasingly higher energy bills, while close to 48% of people revealed that they have cut back on other spending in order to pay to heat their homes, “with sacrifices including school equipment and clothing or food for the family”.

The number of fuel poor people is based on the new definition of fuel poverty in England, which refers to “those who live below the poverty line and have an energy bill higher than the median”.

Ed Matthew, Director of the Energy Bill Revolution, commented on the matter: “There’s a simple solution to this crisis – we must stop our homes leaking heat. The Government must make this the UK’s number one infrastructure spending priority. Better insulation will save families hundreds of pounds on their energy bills and eliminate fuel poverty once and for all.”

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