Thermal imaging study to detect heat leaks in Dundee homes

Residents in Dundee’s West End will have the opportunity to participate in a free thermal imaging study, that will provide valuable information on their home’s insulation and energy efficiency and help them decide on what measures to take in order to cut their energy spending, a brand-new report in the local media has revealed.

The scheme will be set up by Solar Cities Scotland, an environment charity based in the city, with the actual thermal imaging process being carried out by Ti Thermal Imaging. They will cold call 130 properties in the West End to begin with but they are also asking people in the area if their streets would be interested in taking part.

Normally an individual thermal imaging survey could be as much as £350 per property but participating households can get it done for free.

Project coordinator Sharon Bain said:“The images won’t cost them anything but could help save them money. We are holding two sessions in the community library and we are asking people to bring along their images and giving advice to save money in the cheapest way they can.

“The images will show things like if they’ve left their curtains open at night, left window vents open.”“There are lower cost things they could do too. A radiator on an external wall will show up on the images. Often radiators are underneath windows so we can encourage people to use radiator panels to reflect heat back into the room,” she said.

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