Smart radiator valves to be the fastest growing segment of home automation and energy efficiency market, study reveals

The segment of automatic radiator valves is expected to be the fastest growing, followed by sensors and intelligent (programmable) thermostats, a recent market research study by specialist consultancy firm BSRIA has revealed.

According to the paper, the smart home market in the UK has grown regardless of the economic recession, driven by inelastic demand on high-end solutions, the growing demand for residential smart home solutions in commercial buildings and, to some extent, the sales increase in the mid-range segment. According to BSRIA estimates, in 2010 the market reached GBP 26 million (EUR 30 million) value, 12% higher than in 2009. Over 53% of the value was generated on the system integration side.

The UK smart home market is highly concentrated in the luxury segment where over 70% of the market value is generated. Out of some 10,500 smart homes in the UK, no less than 70% are concentrated in Greater London and neighbouring counties. Over 60% of the revenues come from installations, upgrades, and remodelling in the existing housing stock.

Furthermore, although the UK HEMS market is referred to as the most advanced in Europe, it is still very small, amounting to only EUR 8 million in 2010. However, between 2008 and 2010 the market value was boosted seven-fold as a result of energy saving initiatives by the six top British utilities.

Right now, it is estimated that up to 900,000 British households have intelligent controls installed, i.e. less than 3% of the total.

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