‘Dual Sensor Technology’ enables very accurate temperature control on the HeatSave TRVs

The HeatSave wireless thermostat radiator valves have been specifically designed in order to enable home users to cut down their energy bills by thoroughly controlling the heating levels for each of their radiators.

'Dual Sensor Technology' enables very accurate temperature control on the HeatSave TRVs

We’re talking about a completely wireless system, that, once installed, will allow customers to actually create specific functioning schemes for their home’s heaters, based on occupancy details, average temperatures and other specific requirements.

All of the settings are transmitted to each of the particular TRVs via our user friendly software and Zigbee-enabled USB stick. In fact, the software provides fast and easy customization for the valve’s functionality, granting a superior level of freedom, compared to the standard, manual TRVs.

One of the key elements that will allow customers to optimize their radiators’ energy efficiency levels is represented by the patented “Dual Sensor Technology”, whose main purpose is to provide constant and accurate data regarding both the radiator’s and the room’s temperatures.

As the name suggests, the technology makes very good use of two separate sensors, one measuring the temperature near the pipe leading to the radiator, and the other the air temperature in the immediate vicinity of the radiator. By combining these two readings and applying a patented algorithm, the device is able to provide a very accurate reading of the room temperature, thus helping users make a very well-informed decision regarding the temperature settings they’re about to apply.