First Utility slashes energy charges for its non-direct debit customers

As a direct result of British MPs complaining about the huge discrepancies in charges between customers paying by direct debit and those paying by cash or cheque, energy supplier First Utility has decided to significantly reduce its charges for this specific category of consumers, from £8 a month to £2.

According to a news report on the matter, the cut applies to all the small supplier’s customers immediately, meaning charges tot up to just £24 a year. However, it’s not likely to have a significant financial effect, given the fact that the “vast majority” of its 320,000 customers pay by direct debit.

Ed Kamm, Chief Customer Officer at First Utility said: “Our mantra is to help consumers minimise their energy spend by offering lower tariffs and campaigning for change in the industry to reduce costs and put more power in the hands of the consumer.”

While First Utility’s initiative is quite commendable, the truth of the matter is that implementing an efficient, effective and user-friendly energy management system throughout one’s household is a much better approach, and this is specifically where HeatSave can help.

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